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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's To Say What's Obscene?

Designer credit to come
Cover art by Wally Wood

Wally Wood's "Disneyland Memorial Orgy," first published in The Realist in 1967, is reproduced (in part) on the cover of counterculture icon Paul Krassner's recent collection of essays.

I didn't really think about this or see it at first, but it's pretty cool how the design reiterated the question asked in the title. What's covered up by the other design elements? Why are *those* things covered up? Oh, because they're obscene. But says who?

If you want to see Mickey shooting up and Dumbo pooping on Donald Duck (among other things), check out the uncolored original.


Agent AKA said...

Amazing art work. The link to the original is good too. Added this book to my must read list as well.

Greg Ruggiero said...

The book was designed by Stewart Cauley of Pollen, New York.