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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Designer credit to come

A pretty awesome example of editorial driving design. There's just no way we'd see "Curiousity" alone on the front of this, without subtitle and author name, if that was the name of the book. Using a question as the title opens the door for a much more playful design solution.

Poached from Via The New Yorker's Well Covered feature.


nate s. said...

Saw this the other day on B&N. Definitely stuck out.

The Dark Engine said...

I know it's completely irrelevant, but when I saw this sover I was immediately reminded of that infamous film "I Am Curious (Yellow)."

Ian Koviak said...

Perfect. looks like an interesting read.

troysworktable said...

This cover makes me think of the Curious George books—the color yellow, the word "curious" on the over, the yellow and black reference to the man in the yellow hat. I think the design is rather striking and like how the question of the title invites us to explore within.

Joseph said...

Dark Engine: I came thisclose to linking to the Wikipedia article for that film. Strange minds think alike :-)

Katie Alender said...

I saw this in a bookstore, was curious, but was oddly (and stubbornly) compelled to resist picking it up.

Anonymous said...

yeah - curious george.
i love when a simple allusion can conjure up so much thought/imagery.
it's smart. and efficient. and a nod to pop culture.

Kristi said...

yeah like quite a few people here, I saw this at Barnes and Noble and immediately had to do a second take. It was strange, here was an effective marketing strategy of using the cover nearly to it's fullest potential to hopefully grab a reader-- bright color to catch your eye, and a title that makes the brain ask further questions, but i didn't bother to pick it up. I suppose that one over used saying about the death of a cat really kept me from doing anything brash (i'm a serial book buyer).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful effort

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