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Monday, May 18, 2009


Design by Evan Gaffney
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This could have gone the way of an ascent of man illustration, and it would have been the poorer for it. But it's the asymmetry that really makes this work. The placement of the illustration is a nice antidote to the centered, stacked type, and pushing the cart off the edge of the photo creates movement and suggests, well, evolution.


Anonymous said...

This cover rather blatantly rips off the trope from British graffiti artist Banksy:

Ian Koviak said...

anonymouse: I don't understand how the concept of a cave person with a shopping cart would be considered a rip off. I am sure the idea has been thought of a million times by various people. Not to mention the execution here is photographic and original.

Anyway, great cover. I like the period at the end of the word SPENT.

I cannot tell you how many times i have tried to pull that off and "they" just won't let me. Sometimes a period just does the trick.

Joseph said...

I'll be interested where this conversation goes, as everyone's "this is a rip off" settings are different.

Anonymous said...

This is hardly a rip-off of the Banksy piece. Banksy is commenting on consumerism, but he's also mocking art historians, art institutions, what have you. This is a concept anyone with a creative mind would have come up with.

Great cover!!

tom said...

Not sure about the white border, it's just an unnecessary extra element. Why not just go full bleed with the photo?

Anonymous said...

i think it works because it just looks like the classic advert layout (think bernbach's volswagen campaign of the 1960's).