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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hello Readers

Just a quick note regarding the images on this site.

Some of you visit often and may have noticed that the images are smaller than they used to be. (Click on one of the archive links on the right from a month or two ago to see what I mean.)

Blogger now allows all users to upload photos (one used to have to pay), and they've therefore put a limit on how big uploaded images can be. Unless I can find a hack, what you see below is the new Blogger "Large." We'll just have to look harder :-)

Thanks for stopping by, and keep the comments coming!

UPDATE: Just click on an image and you'll see it at "regular" size.


Brian W said...

You could try using instead--they have monthly posting limits for free users, but I'm sure it's well beyond your needs. They have pretty good "blog this" integration that drops the image code into your posts and such, too.

Joseph said...

I will check that out. Thanks!

kitty said...

I have a Flickr account ... began with the freebie and loved it so much that I now have a paid account (unlimited use).

However, you can click on the blogger images to see them in their normal size.

Joseph said...

OK, Kitty gets the genius award for the day. Thanks! Click away! :-)