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Sunday, August 07, 2005


It's too bad this isn't coming out until October, because I can't think of a better beach read.

My immediate reaction to this cover was that it was too predictable, but I've changed my mind. I'm not an alien or UFO freak, but I do know that the issue of why "abductees" always describe aliens in almost exactly the same way produces two opinions:

1) Abduction must be real: why else would everybody describe the same thing?

2) Abduction isn't real, and the fact that people describe the same thing is merely a cultural production. See X-Files, Close Encounters, etc.

Either way, because I'm guessing that the two questions above are discussed in this book, the archetypal alien works.


kitty said...

The picture is just creepy enough to work; it's the color that's all wrong.

bob said...

Kitty's comment is a little better here, but her lack of a better color suggestion is all wrong.

kitty said...

I'm thinking of the darkest color a midnight blue with variations of that, but that's so cliche. I'd have to play around with the colors.

Anonymous said...

I think the hand is very lame and unreal. It maybe should not be there.
I would have had some scary silhouette of a mysterious probing instrument. That wouild have been scary. The colour does not have to be dark to be creepy but Green for Go is a bit nice. With modern retouching a cool aqua based kaleidescopic feel might work.