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Sunday, November 27, 2005

And finally...some Our Inner Ape redesigns

The first image below is the original cover. Following that are two redesigns (I won't say who did what just yet). And I'm torn over posting the banana / penis design sent in by "Johnny Cash." I'll think about that one.

(BTW, I seem to have lost one somewhere; it might be on my computer at work. If you submitted something and it doesn't show up here in a day or two, give a shout in the comments.)


kitty said...

WOW! Those two are far superior to the boring original.

I love this idea of re-designing awful covers. Do it again.

Btw, (I'll ask again) you read books on your HONEYMOON?!!?

cd said...

Thanks for putting these up. I agree with Kitty - great idea. It's fun to see how different the directions can be - and would be fun to do again.

At the risk of shouting prematurely, if mine was the design lost in the wash - it can be found at:

Joseph said...

Thanks, CD.

And Kitty: yes! We *both* read books on our honeymoon. But of course there was lots of time for other stuff.

Roxanne said...

I always wondered why Neanderthal men are shown covered in white chalk. As an archaeologist, I can safely assure you that we're pretty sure they didn't have a chalk fetish...

Joseph said...

That's a really good question!