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Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Holidays

Dear good reader:

Have a wonderful holiday season. Updates might be a bit sporadic over the next week or so.

But in the meantime:

1) The first "let's redesign something" effort of 2006 will be to come up with something different for this:

Let me say that this is in no way bad, IMO. Rather, I like the idea of coming up with something new on this topic.

2) The first annual "Book Covers from the NY Times Book Review People of the Year" have been chosen. They are:

Judge John E. Jones III, for his ruling in the Pennsylvania intelligent design case. Judge Jones, may the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you in 2006 and beyond.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster itself
, by whose grace and love we exist so that we might blog about book design.

Penn Gillette, whose essay for NPR's "This I Believe" series takes the words right out of my mouth.

1 comment:

Keith said...

May you be touched by his noodley appendage!