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Monday, December 19, 2005

McSweeney's books are amazing.

If you haven't noticed yet, some great designs are out there, courtesy of McSweeney's. They're all beautiful cloth editions.


essrog said...

I don't like all of the design that comes out of the McSweeney's publishing ventures, but they have produced some really excellent designs.

Something common to many of them (including the ones posted here) is a kind of off-kilter sensibility that frequently shows evidence of a human hand, whether through illustration or un-slickness.

(Hmmmm I'm really trying here but maybe that last sentence isn't descriptive enough. Let's just say that "The Art of Civilized Conversation" could have benefited from that McSweeney's thing I can't quite put my finger on ...)

Jack said...

Those McSweeney's books are lovely, but they're often not very good at staying beautiful. The cloth around the cutout 'I' on that Dixon novel, for example, frays if you so much as look at it.

Am I out of line for believing that a well-produced book should be able to stand up to a single very gentle reading?

Joseph said...

Ah, that's too bad to hear. Sounds like they're the iPod Nanos of the book world ;-)