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Monday, January 30, 2006

Eat the Document

A brief synopsis of the book: "The heroine of Dana Spiotta's stunning new novel is a Vietnam-era radical who has gone underground after a bombing plot that's gone awry." Hence the 70s feel of this. Have to say, though, that Cooper Black always makes me think of the Beach Boys and of nothing else.

(And while most of you have probably seen this, learn about Cooper Black.


Dan K said...

Love the stars down the side and the yellow dot on the button. I agree about the Cooper Black. Might have gone with Benguiat instead. And the picture evokes the time, but more ERA than Weather Underground, I think. Not bad, though.

kitty said...

Stars? Cooper Black? Oh, good grief! I'm as straight as can be, but her nipples caught even my eye. Hence, the cover accomplished its first mission.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

You're wearing THAT?