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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Good Life

From the NY Times review: "In Mr. McInerney's latest novel, "The Good Life," the boom years have come to a dead halt with 9/11 — an event that rocks even his most jaded hedonists and propels his two central characters into a re-examination of their marriages, their careers and their dreams." Hence the photo, which I'm pretty sure I've seen before and which is from a conference room in a building close the the WTC.


essrog said...

This is a cover I wish I'd accidentally come upon in a bookstore instead of read about beforehand. Unfortunately the bit of surprise was ruined for me ...

The design feels so right on, and it does owe a lot to the imagery.

Photographer = Quyen Tran

essrog said...

(To clarify, not ruined by seeing it on this blog, but reading of it elsewhere ... I think it was an article in the Times)