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Monday, January 30, 2006

J.G. Ballard

I recently was going through some of my books and found a stash of J.G. Ballard works. I'm not a huge fan of science / speculative fiction at all, but at one time I liked Ballard a whole lot. Wondering what the books look like now, I found that Picador USA and Picador UK have both put a consistent design on his major books. There are some interesting differences.

Picador USA:

Picador UK:

The UK ones look a bit late '90s to me. What do *you* think?


Ingrid said...

Did you ever see the article on this history of Crash's book covers? It was in eye magazine (a UK publication).

Link here:

(The published article had all the Crash covers. It was interesting because JG Ballard himself comments on what he thought was successful.)

Joseph said...

Nope, never saw that. But I will now! Thanks.