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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Elements of Style

(from the NYT Review): The cover art for Wendy Wasserstein's "Elements of Style" makes this book look like an expensive present. The design cruelly underscores that there will be no more gifts from Ms. Wasserstein, the endearingly funny and much-admired Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. She died in January at 55. Her first novel is her last.


kitty said...

Didn't Strunk & White use that same title?

Joseph said...

Yup. But you can't copyright a title. If I wanted to write "Jaws" I could.

Ingrid said...

Strunk and White was called "The Elements of Style." This one has dropped the "the."

Great cover, otherwise. Pitch perfect.

Arty Lake said...

The ribbon is a riff on the ribbon used by the great chocolatier "Maison du Chocolat": same color, same font, same style.