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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Family and Other Accidents

Charming and cute, but I wonder if this would be better if:

1. family/and/other/accidents/a novel weren't displayed so linearly, and

2. the author's name was below the egg carton, or elsewhere.


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kitty said...

This is dreadful.

Readymade said...

I agree with kitty. The egg carton is eye-catching but makes it difficult to read the title. The whole cover feels a bit vulgar overall.

Another thing I notice is that it's fashionable nowadays to have the words "a novel" on the cover. Would you be more willing to pick up a book if it had those words on the cover? The practice seems pretentious to me - silly, at the least.

essrog said...

This is a good concept (suggesting fragility and precious-ness) but the execution blows it especially with the author's last name. And I do agree with point # 1: type too linear.

If the type treatment doesn't commit, neither can the viewer