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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why White Kids Love Hip Hop

A few comments:

1. Love the silhouette-y photo.

2. The blurring does nothing to improve this. Anyone like it, and think it really adds to this cover?

3. Wigger? Check. But Wangsta? That's the stooooopidest word I've ever seen, yo!


Martin Jenny said...

The silhouette is a nice touch and also the font is good. What I don't like about the cover is that it somehow misses the point: it is about white kids that like hip hop. Everybody on the cover is black either by nature or by the grace of the photographer/photoshop. The four-column layout of the cover makes for a very static impression, but the topic is indeed quite dynamic. The cover leaves a very iconic impression (my first thought was anti-apartheid rally). The blur adds at least some movement, so I like it.

essrog said...

I'm pretty sure wanksta is the UK equivalent of wigger. I'll submit that Ali G is the most famous wanksta.

(I think it's wanker crossed with gangsta)

Joseph said...

I think it's funny how "wannabe" is a real word while the other W words aren't. I keep saying "nannabe? gannabe?" in my head.

essrog said...

Well, I do recall hearing "wigger" as early as 1994, so it was probably in use earlier than that (there is a specific, funny incident ... some other time).

"Wanksta" is a "real" word, or slang, if you prefer.

"Wannabe" is apt but least specific to the book's subject - but, it does start with a W so I can't argue against its inclusion.

Beats me if Oxford dictionary will vouch for these as "real" words, but these were not made up for the purpose of this book. A google on any of them should confirm this.

That aside ... I can't help but think that "Why White Kids Love Hip Hop" sounds like a subtitle; and there should have been a short, catchy, clever, maybe slightly un-p.c. title to emblazon across the cover ... no suggestions here, just saying ...

Anonymous said...

"Wangster/wanksta" is a very common word in California, meaning white/wannabe gangster. I have never before heard the term "wigger."