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Sunday, September 10, 2006

North of 9/11

I hadn't planned on posting anything 9/11-related, but the story of this book and how Concordia University would not give approval for a reading by the author grabbed my attention. I wouldn't be surprised if that blood-spattered Canadian flag isn't contributing to the reaction to the book.

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Ingrid said...

Eh, as a Canadian, that's the least of my worries - generally we're not as concerned about flag crimes, with a few exceptions (if Quebequois burn it, that's another thing entirely).

The Concordia public-talk debacles have been going on for awhile, so it doesn't surprise me that they refused him. They refuse anyone who has any (and I mean any) political statement to make.

That said... trite cover. Doesn't read as a novel to me, and in fact it seems like they are trying to say too much but end up leaving me feeling its a cold book. No passion.