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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Ruby in Her Navel

As this is "set in the twelfth-century against the backdrop of the Crusades," I think the first cover (UK) communicates that better than the second (US). But I don't necessarily like the UK cover better. I think I like them both equally. And you?


Ingrid said...

The UK version is more true to the era in the novel, but I do prefer the US version: it has a depth and sensuality to it that is lost on the UK version.

I think its always great to reference the century/decade/era of any novel that has a historical basis, but that also has to translate to a modern audience's tastes, presumptions, and sense of drama (or comedy). So the UK one leaves me wanting; the US one intrigues me enough to want to pick it up. (Nice tie-in of the graphic elements at the top - the border and the ornate frame mesh very well.)

dave said...

I agree completely with Ingrid.

But, mostly, I'm just thrilled there's a new Barry Unsworth novel out.

Joseph said...

I agree. Ingrid, you get the gold star for the day.

Anonymous said...

As a Brit - the US cover says to me, this is a book set in eighteenth or nineteenth century India. I find the UK cover fairly hackneyed and uninspiring but at least it's visually clear that it is not about the Raj or East India Company or some such.