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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Black Shirt: Sir Oswald Mosley & British Fascism

Designer unknown -- UK title

My history education is a bit lacking -- seven years of college down the drain! -- so I don't quite know who Oswald Mosley was. But thankfully we have Wikipedia and this book cover, which pretty nicely captures the fascist vibe, whatever that is (I'm pretty sure it has something to do with gesticulating wildly and with facial hair). Surprised, but not disappointed, that a little red didn't find its way into this. Nothing says fascism like black and red.

PS: The lightning bolt is from the flag of the British Union of Fascists.


Andy said...

I have to say i don't like the technique of inverting the title colors when the title overruns another design element. Its too jarring for my taste but I can see how it's valuable. I like how the subtitle is inclosed in the lower chest of the figure.

Anonymous said...

I think reversing the letters out works here and adds to the design, can't put my finger on why though. Maybe because on the Obama book it really is destracting and pointless.

Unknown said...

I think the designer dropped the ball on this cover. Fascism, B & W, sans serif type, even a lightning bolt! These elements could have been put together in a much stronger composition.

Andy said...


I agree with you, and whoever does Obama's books are vaugely underhanded in re-releasing Dreams from my Father as hardcover so people thinks it's a new book and think they can only buy it in hardcover. It's nice they're printing a new edition but it still annoys me, I direct customers to our dwindling stock of trade paperbacks. (from what I gather on Amazon, the first edition hardcover is from 1995)