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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Woman of Ill Fame

I've had the chance to exchange email with the author of this book, which sounds great for anyone who likes historical fiction, histories of cities (in this case, San Francisco during the Gold Rush), and oh yeah, prostitution, sex, serial killers and the like. It's always great to speak to authors and ask them what role they've played in the design of their books. I asked Erika about the wonderful photo; here's what she said:

"That woman is a Dodge City prostitute named Timberline--I found her photograph in several nonfiction books about prostitution. As I wrote the novel, she was always the woman I pictured as my main character...I really love her image...her feistiness/vulnerability helped me write the book."

The type doesn't do much for me and there are a few issues with the general layout, but wow, that photo...

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Denise said...

you sold me on this one but my darn library doesn't have it! And it's too soon for me to attempt it via inter-library loan.

Orhan Kahn said...

It is very creepy.

Gutman said...

"...and there are a few issues with the general layout."

way way way too kind. if this were American Idol you'd be Paula Abdul.

just say it: the design is atrocious. (but the picture is indeed wonderful.)

Anonymous said...

Denise, you can request your library to order it.

Eileen said...

I enjoyed hearing the author's thoughts. I'll pick this one up for sure.