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Monday, June 18, 2007

Michael Tolliver Lives, US and UK editions

Must every Armistead Maupin book have a picture of a San Francisco landmark on it? I know that San Francisco is a much a character as it is the setting of the vast majority of his work, but I'm pretty sure we can see the UK cover (the 2nd image) and not get all freaked out.

PS: I would love to hear from readers about the faux-distressed treatment on the US cover. There are a good number of covers that feature this. Have you used it before? Why? Is it overused?


Seth Christenfeld said...

Although I like the flower imagery in the UK cover (Tolliver is a gardener), I really don't like the colors or the fonts. The US cover, conversely, while a little obvious for a Maupin work, is a nice piece of art, and the fonts and colors fit with new issues of the earlier Tales of the City books.

MyUtopia said...

I like the US cover better, it is more aesthetically pleasing.