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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Nature of Monsters

Design by Charles Brock

I'm not crazy about the ornament across the face, but this is a really nice example of two very different typefaces working very well together.

UPDATE: Designer Charles Brock was nice enough to write in and tell me that the title and author name are in black and red foil, respectively. Can't wait to see it in person.


Dan said...

Hi Joseph. Thanks for the post.

We at Raincoast are distributing The Nature of Monsters in Canada (full disclosure etc etc), and I can't tell you how happy we all were when we first saw the jacket design for the book at our sale conference!It works so well for the book.

Luiz Nazario said...

The title of this book is almost the same of one I wrote (a book of essays about monstruosities in Literature and Movies) and published first in 1983 and revised in 1998 in portuguese here in Brazil: "Da Natureza dos Monstros" (From the Natuure of Monsters). See

Anonymous said...

Of all the books I saw at BEA this year, this is the cover I remember most. Striking and haunting.

Anonymous said...

The cover is very nice. However, my team was at Book Expo as well and we never saw it at the Harcourt booth.