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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dirty Diplomacy

Design by Alan Dye

Sorry, not the best image, so citing the long subtitle will help:

"The Rough-and-Tumble Adventures of a Scotch-Drinking, Skirt-Chasing, Dictator-Busting and Thoroughly Unrepentant Ambassador Stuck on the Frontline of the War Against Terror."

I like the concept of the redacted document, although this immediately struck me as too clean. But a little image research produced images of redacted documents that don't look like the scribbly messes they used to. Censorship has grown up in the computer age, I guess. Buy this book from


Angela said...

yes the computer age has made censorship a lot cleaner but I would have appreciated the throw back to a mimeographed page with thick, uneven, black ink running across it!

Ian Shimkoviak said...

I like the treatment, but the concept is overused like nobodies business...

Anonymous said...

This cover is a first comp that never got refined. If they were going to make it look like a redacted document, they didn't go far enough. Conceptually, this is OK and appropriate, nothing earth-shattering. The execution, though, leaves a lot to desire. If this were a design student, I'd send her or him back to push it further.

-- Christian Fuenfhausen

Tom Froese said...

I agree with angela. Our concept of a redacted document (complete with dirty, uneven black ink and other scribbles) may overrule the reality of electronically redacted documents. The messiness would have layered onto the meaning of the title nicely.

Still, a very good concept.