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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Ghost Map, paperback and hardcover

Design by Ben Gibson

The paperback edition of The Ghost Map is a beauty, and is even more impressive in person. The title text is lightly embossed, and the small pink dot is spot varnish. I'll leave it to those with better typographic sensibilities and talents than mine to figure out if things are a bit too busy, and if the typeface used for the title seems a little out of sorts with the rest of the design. It seemed a little jarring to me, but I've only seen it once. Regardless: striking. Go check it out. Buy this book from

Here's the hardcover:


Nate S. said...

I think it's great. A huge step forward, both in concept and execution, from the original.

Ian Shimkoviak said...

Very strong, good shelf presence. Not sure about the text spacing for the subtitle, but the overall appeal shadows the problem for me.

Lots of stuff on that first one. The color scheme is very light and fluffy and is a total departure in every respect from the second cover. But yet, they both chose to keep the blunt reference to a map and historic type. So is it really a departure?

I agree there is something clunky about the title on the hardcover, but it somehow works.

Tom Froese said...

I like this one a lot, though I keep seeing the word "It" capitalized in the subtitle and thinking it oughtn't be.

Anonymous said...

Belated from the editorial zone. The word "it" should be capped. It's a noun.

Anonymous said...

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