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Saturday, August 08, 2009


Design credit to come

Robert Olen Butler has been tweeting as the Devil (hat tip to Jacket Copy), and there's some good stuff: "He once sold the Britannica door to door & betrayed a hundred fragile hearts & now he eternally reads lies about his sins on Wikipedia."

I love the Robert Goulet meets Bob Dobbs illustration (especially the horns & hair), and Hail Satan! for the restrained, non-combustible type.

But will the use of Twitter to promote books mean "illustration must scale down to 73 x 73 pixels" will become a design spec? 'Cause this looks pretty sweet:


cobytate said...

I love the Futura type matched with the giant serif display face on top. Does anyone else think Futura has been everywhere lately?

Joseph said...

Whenever I see Futura (and yeah, it's always out there) I think of this video w/ John Gall, in which he says he uses a lot of Trade Gothic, Baskerville and Futura, and not much else. If you watch the video you'll see he's telling the truth :-)