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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Five Spice Street

Cover painting by Yue Minjun

Five Spice Street's cover is notable because it features a portion of a painting called Look at the World by Chinese artist Yue Minjun. (Here's the whole thing, which is about 9 x 7 feet). I don't recall ever seeing one of his paintings used to illustrate a book cover. Anyone know of other examples?

Check out Flickr and the artist's site for lots more images of his work. But whatever you do, don't miss this one.


MrSneeze said...

Oh he's great. I worked on a magazine for the (UK) Sunday Times about the Saatchi Gallery's Chinese art exhibition in which his art was featured:

Steener said...

There's this one, but it's about Chinese contemporary art, so it's an obvious choice.