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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Heads of State: More Books, Please! :-)

A wonderful illustration by Heads of State for the NY Times review of The Bible Salesman, which we looked at just a short time ago.

Man, I wish they did more book covers. All the Sad Young Literary Men, one of this year's favorites so far, is theirs too.

See more of their book jackets and covers at their Web site.


Tal said...

Thanks for the great post, Joseph. The HOS website is awesome.

Ian Koviak said...

yeah, this stuff is gorgeous.
They do some great work.

Anonymous said...

dustin and co. are geniuses. always loved their work. you can see a lot of work by dustin of heads of state in the subpop catalog. he is a full-time designer at the label.

Federico Morilla said...


Jessica Huang said...

The Holy Flash, ingenious!